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S.E. Schlosser

The Old Portrait by Hume Nisbet

The Old Portrait

A painter acquires an old portrait, hoping to salvage the frame for his own work. But when he scrapes down the painting, he encounters a vampire.

The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet

The Vampire Maid

A young traveler takes a room in a remote cottage and falls in love with the owner’s strangely-compelling daughter.

Spooky Ohio

Get ready for twenty-five creepy tales of ghostly hauntings, eerie happenings, and other strange occurrences in this all-new addition to the best-selling Spooky series.

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The Neighbor's Garage by S.E. Schlosser

The Neighbor’s Garage

I heard the neighbor’s car running in the garage as I got into my car to drive to the grocery store. That seemed a bit odd, since it was summertime. Why would they need to warm it up?

Ghost lights at the Haunted Sachs Bridge

Haunted Sachs Bridge

I don’t know what exactly draws me back to Sachs Bridge each time I visit Gettysburg. I just know that I feel compelled to drive there and take pictures.

Nine-Eleven by S.E. Schlosser


As a special treat, we decided to take the sunset cruise around lower Manhattan the Sunday before Labor Day. It was a silly thing to do – totally tourist – but sometimes playing tourist is fun, even for someone living and working daily in the shadow of the Big Apple.

The Ghost of Pearl White by S.E. Schlosser

The Ghost of Pearl White

When I was a kid, my grandparent’s bought a huge old boarding house in Jersey City. It had once housed the actresses working for a big silent film studio across the street, but the film studio was long gone, and the boarding house was unused.

Spooky Yellowstone

He looked up towards the Crows Nest, far above, and saw a glowing figure in a white wedding gown slowly descending the stairs from the Crows Nest. Tucked under its arm was a tousle-curled, wide-eyed head! Frozen with horror, the man watched the bride descend the steps and float along the corridor…

Spooky Wisconsin

There was an oddly metallic smell in the air – the smell of blood. Something was wrong! Lucille wrenched the doors open and stepped into the barn, the light from her lantern flickering across the dusty floor. Then she saw the broken body of her husband lying a few feet away…

Spooky Washington

A huge wind swept through the bedroom, bringing with it the damp, salty smell of the sea. Billy sat bolt upright, heart thundering against his ribs, as a bloated, red-haired figure stepped down from the vastness of the eternal horizon and into the bedroom…

Spooky Virginia

As if he sensed my thoughts, Goggle-Eyed Jim turned his face toward the window. His eyes, behind the goggles, seemed to glow with a greenish-blue light. His face was so gray and withered, he seemed like a corpse…

Spooky Texas

I saw a white figure rise up from the ground right behind Alberto. The familiar shaking began in my knees. “Alberto!” I shouted. Alberto whirled around and the handle of his shovel went right through the body of the ghost…

Spooky South Carolina

All at once, the moon came sliding out from behind a cloud, lighting the scene in front of me. And I screamed. I couldn’t help it. The skeleton of a horse was rising out of the water, dripping mud and dead leaves and gunk of all sorts…

Spooky Pennsylvania

I was awakened by soft strains of music that seemed to come from everywhere at once. As I listened, the haunting melody faded away. And then I heard my wife screaming.

Spooky Oregon

“Don’t be silly,” she told herself, forcing her shaking legs up another step. “The noise was just the loose shutter blowing in the wind.” And then all the hair on the back of her neck stood on end as she realized she could hear something breathing behind her…