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Ghost Stories

Read true ghost stories collected (or experienced!) by folklorist S.E. Schlosser during her Spooky research, as well as historical newspaper accounts of ghosts, supernatural events and historical hauntings.

Ghost Train

Ghost Train

“Do you mean to tell me,” I asked the Stationmaster, “that you really believe that a train has a ghost, and that ghostly trains run over actual railways at night?” “If you were a railroad man,” replied my friend, “you’d see the foolishness of asking such a question? Do I believe in ghost trains? You… Read More »Ghost Train

Dead Woman's Picture

A Dead Woman’s Picture

Virgil Hoyt, a photographer’s assistant up at St. Paul, had a whimsical view of the world, and he did not like to be bothered with anything disagreeable. That is the reason that he loathes and detests going to a house of mourning to photograph a corpse. The horribly bad taste of it offends him partly, and… Read More »A Dead Woman’s Picture

Vengeance of a Tree

The Vengeance of a Tree

Several men were gathered near the bar discussing the tidings that Walter Stedman, a laborer on Albert Kelsey’s ranch, had assaulted and murdered his employer’s daughter.

The Flayed Hand

The Flayed Hand

One evening about eight months ago I met with some college comrades at the lodgings of our friend Louis R. We drank punch and smoked, talked of literature and art, and made jokes like any other company of young men. Suddenly the door flew open, and one who had been my friend since boyhood burst in like a hurricane.

The Demon Spell by Hume Nisbet

The Demon Spell

One night I had been invited to the house of a friend, who was a great believer in the manifestations from the unseen world, and who had asked for my special edification a well–known trance medium. ‘A pretty as well as heaven-gifted girl, whom you will be sure to like, I know’ he said as he asked me.

The Old Portrait by Hume Nisbet

The Old Portrait

A painter acquires an old portrait, hoping to salvage the frame for his own work. But when he scrapes down the painting, he encounters a vampire.

The Vampire Maid by Hume Nisbet

The Vampire Maid

A young traveler takes a room in a remote cottage and falls in love with the owner’s strangely-compelling daughter.

The Neighbor's Garage by S.E. Schlosser

The Neighbor’s Garage

I heard the neighbor’s car running in the garage as I got into my car to drive to the grocery store. That seemed a bit odd, since it was summertime. Why would they need to warm it up?

Ghost lights at the Haunted Sachs Bridge

Haunted Sachs Bridge

I don’t know what exactly draws me back to Sachs Bridge each time I visit Gettysburg. I just know that I feel compelled to drive there and take pictures.

Nine-Eleven by S.E. Schlosser


As a special treat, we decided to take the sunset cruise around lower Manhattan the Sunday before Labor Day. It was a silly thing to do – totally tourist – but sometimes playing tourist is fun, even for someone living and working daily in the shadow of the Big Apple.

The Ghost of Pearl White by S.E. Schlosser

The Ghost of Pearl White

When I was a kid, my grandparent’s bought a huge old boarding house in Jersey City. It had once housed the actresses working for a big silent film studio across the street, but the film studio was long gone, and the boarding house was unused.