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Freddy’s Fabulous Frogs

Freddy's Fabulous Frogs: A Tongue Twister Tale

A Tongue Twister Tale 


S.E. Schlosser 

      Fabian Frogmorton stole Freddy’s frog Fats on the Friday of the town of Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest.  Freddy was furious.  Fabian Frogmorton had cheated Freddy out of the Fabulous Frog Award last year. Fabian had fed Freddy’s frog flies just before the Fast Frog Frolic, the final race in Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest.  Freddy’s frog had been too full to frolic, so Fabian’s frog had finished first.  

    Freddy reported the theft to Flossie French, the teacher in charge of Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest.  

    “Fabian Frogmorton registered  Fats as his frog.” Flossie French fussed.  “Can you prove  Fats is your frog?”

     Since Freddy couldn’t prove he’d found Fats in the pond last Friday, Flossie French couldn’t do anything about the theft.   Freddy was frantic. He did not want Fabian to win Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest for the fourth Fall in a row. 

      Freddy had to find another frog.  During lunch, Freddy went down to Felix Frasier’s creek.  Freddy was still fuming about Fabian, and he did not see the tiny frog until the frog jumped away from him. It was the highest hop, made by the teeniest frog that Freddy Friedman had ever seen!

     Freddy chased the frog all the way up the bank of Felix Frazier’s stream before he caught it.  The frog opened its tiny mouth and croaked furiously in protest.  It was the most fabulous sound Freddy had ever heard.      

     “You are the littlest flibbertigibbet I have ever seen!” exclaimed Freddy.  “I am going to name you Flib.”      

      Freddy hugged Flib and ran back to school to show Flib to his friends.  Freddy’s friends laughed when they saw Flib.  They said that Freddy would never win Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest with such a tiny frog.      

      “Don’t fret Flib,” Freddy said.  “You are far faster than my old frog Fats.  Fabian Frogmorton will not win Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest.”      

     Flossie French chuckled when she registered Flib the frog, but she also patted Freddy’s hand sympathetically and said: “Flib is a fine frog, Freddy.  Good luck.”      

     There were three trials in Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frogs Contest.  The frog which won the most trials was declared the most Fabulous Frog in Flowerpot.  The first contest was Foghorn Frog, the loudest croaker.  Freddy knew that  Fats was a famous croaker. Fabian was sure to win.

The contestants stood up front with their frogs.  Freddy’s friends cheered for Flib from the fringes of the crowd. Fabian Frogmorton laughed scornfully when he saw Freddy’s frog Flib. 

When it was his turn, Fabian pinched Fats really hard to make him croak.   Fats bellowed loudly in pain.  Then Flib opened his little mouth and croaked so loud Freddy clapped his hands to his ears.

     “Flib wins the Foghorn Frog Contest,” Flossie Ffrench said.  Freddy’s friends cheered and shouted from the fringes of the crowd.    

      “That’s not fair!” Fabian whined.      

The second contest was the Frog Long Jump.  Freddy had seen how far Flib could jump.  Freddy was sure Flib would win. Freddy and Flib lined up with the other contestants. Each contestant urged his frog to leap as far as it could. Flossie French measured the frog’s first jump.  Freddy and Flib came just before Fabian and Fats.  Freddy’s friends cheered and chanted as Flib jumped farther than the other frogs.  When Flossie French had her back turned, Fabian Frogmorton stepped on  Fats.   Fats croaked in pain and leapt away from Fabian.   Fats jumped even farther than Flib.     

     “Fats is the winner!” said Flossie French.      

     Freddy’s friends booed.      

The final trial was the Fast Frog Frolic. The contestants and their frogs lined up.  Flossie French fired the gun and all the frogs jumped in surprise and began hopping in all directions.      

“Go Flib, go Flib!” chanted Freddy’s friends.  While Flib hopped fast and furiously,  Fats sat at the starting line and wouldn’t move.  Fabian fussed and fumed.  Finally, he kicked Fats.  This time, Flossie French saw Fabian cheating and disqualified him from the race.      

     To Freddy’s delight, Flib crossed the finish line first.

     “Flib is the winner of Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frog Contest!” cried Flossie French.      

Everyone cheered wildly. Fabian howled in fury and threw Fats on the ground in disgust.

Flossie French presented Freddy with “Flowerpot’s Fabulous Frog” award.   Then Flossie Ffrench picked up Fats and handed him to Freddy.      

     “Freddy, here is  Fats.” said Flossie French.  “You have two fabulous frogs.  Take good care of them.”      

    “I will,” Freddy promised.      

     Freddy took Flib and  Fats over to Felix Frasier’s Stream and set them free.  Flib and  Fats floated near the lily pads and peeked out at Freddy.      

     “Have a good year,”  Freddy said to his fabulous frogs.  “See you next Fall!”

   Then Freddy went home to show his family his hard-won Fabulous Frog Award, while Fabian lurked in the shadows and fumed. 

Moral:  Cheaters never prosper.