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Haunted Places in New York

Haunted Places in New York

This Halloween, you may want to check out some of these haunted spots featured in Spooky New York.   

Sleepy Hollow
Long before Ichabod Crane took his fateful ride through Sleepy Hollow, the local inhabitants were talking about the headless horseman who terrorized the region.  Folks passing by the cemetery would see a light rising from the ground. Before their startled eyes, a white mist would burst forth from an unmarked grave and form into a large horse carrying a headless soldier dressed in a Revolutionary War Hessian uniform. 
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The Adirondacks
There is a cabin deep in the woods that was abandoned a long time ago by its Native American owners.  They say an old hermit lived and died in the cabin, and asked to be laid out on the floor of the loft, where his skeleton can be seen to this day.  What they do not say – at least not aloud – is that the old hermit was really a vampire…
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New York City – Times Square
A Harvard graduate meets two members of the Royal Air Force of England who are visiting time square.  After conversing with them for a few minutes, the Harvard man invites them to eat with him at a local restaurant.  During a leisurely dinner, the soldiers talk with intimate familiarity about events that happened during World World 2; almost as if they’d really been there.  When they finish eating around midnight, the two men thanked their host and vanished.  The Harvard man had just dined with two ghosts!
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Rochester – Durand Eastman Park
The ghost of the White Lady often walks the grounds of Durand Eastman Park.  The White Lady is not a friendly spirit. She dislikes men and often seeks vengeance against the males visiting the park on behalf of her dead daughter, who was murdered by an unknown man. There have been reports of the White Lady chasing men into the lake, shaking their cars, and making their lives miserable until they leave the park. 
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The Catskill Mountains near Hudson
On his famous voyage to the Americas, Henry Hudson heard the sound of music floating across the Catskill mountains while he was sailing up the Hudson River.   Taking a few members of his crew, he went ashore found a group of pygmies with long, bushy beards and eyes like pigs were dancing and singing and capering about in the firelight.  Hudson realized that these creatures must be the metal-working gnomes of whom the Native Americans had spoken at length.

One of the bushy-bearded chaps spotted the explorer and his men and welcomed them with a cheer. Hudson and his men were delighted with these strange, small creatures, and with the hard liquor that the gnomes had brewed. Long into the night, the men drank and played nine-pins with the gnomes while Henry Hudson spoke with the chief of the gnomes about many deep and mysterious things.  
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There once was a crazy ghost over Poughkeepsie way that got folks so scared that nobody would stay more than one night in its house. It was a nice old place, or was, until the ghost began making its presence known. It got so no one would enter the house, not even kids on a dare.   Folks claimed that glowing pieces of body kept popping into existence at the top of the staircase and would roll down the steps toward anyone who dared intrude on the ghost’s territory. 
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It is midnight in the town of Cohoes. The night is dark, and the wind whispers softly, touching the trees and houses, rattling a window pane here and there.   Suddenly, the soft rumble of wheels and the clip-clop of hooves echo through the still night. A dark closed coach drives slowly down the street.  There are black gaping holes where the windows should be and the shafts at the front of the coach are empty.  The sound of invisible horses’ hooves is heard distinctly as the coach moves slowly through the town.  It is the Cohoes Death Coach, and when it stops in front of a house, someone in that dwelling will die. 
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