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Mrs. Peter’s Pens

Mrs. Peter's Pens

A Tongue Twister Tale
S. E. Schlosser

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“Oh pooh,” said Mrs. Polly Peters to her pet parrot Petey. “Where did I put that pen?”

“Petey’s pens,” said Petey Peters, bobbing his green head up and down inside his cage.

Mrs. Peters started looking for her pen. She crept under the desk, until only her pink penny-loafers were showing.

“The pen is not under here!” she said. When Mrs. Peters crawled back out, she was all dusty.

Next, Mrs. Peters crawled around the pink rug, looking for her pen. Her nose was close to the floor, because she had forgotten to put on her glasses. She looked like a pink-and-purple puppy dog.

Petey bobbed up and down excitedly in his cage. He wanted to play the new game too.

Mrs. Peters looked inside all the flowerpots on the windowsill. But she still could not find her pen.

“I have misplaced four pens this past week,” Mrs. Peters said with a frown. “This is a most maddening mystery.”

Mrs. Peters was a poet. She wrote poems for Petunia Press. She used her pink and purple pens every day. Mrs. Peters had no pink and purple pens left, so she put on her hat and went to Patsy’s Odds ‘N Ends to purchase some pens.

Mrs. Peters told Patsy her problem. Patsy sold Mrs. Peters a purple pen holder in which to put her pens.

“This will put an end to misplaced pens,” said Mrs. Peters.

Mrs. Peters placed the purple pen holder on her desk and put her pink and purple pens inside it. The next morning, they were gone!

“This is perfectly preposterous!” cried Mrs. Peters.

Petey Peters peered out of his cage.

“Petey’s pens,” Petey remarked, blinking his brown eyes at her.

“Petey Peters,” said Mrs. Peters. “Someone is stealing my pens.”

“Petey’s pens,” agreed Petey Peters, bobbing his green head up and down.

“We must catch the thief,” Mrs. Peters exclaimed.

Mrs. Peters went to Patsy’s to buy more pink and purple pens. She also purchased a Polaroid camera. When Mrs. Peters got home, she placed the pink and purple pens inside the purple pen holder. Then, she covered Petey Peters’ cage with a pink and purple polka-dotted cover and put herself to bed.

At midnight, Mrs. Peters snuck out of bed with her newly purchased Polaroid. She perched on a purple cushion in the doorway.

Soon, Mrs. Peters heard a plink. Then Mrs. Peter’s heard a flapping sound and a thump. “I caught you red handed!” shouted Mrs. Peters, snapping a picture on her Polaroid. There came a clatter, a flapping sound, and another plink.

Mrs. Peters turned on the light. A purple pen lay on the floor! The pink and purple polka-dotted cover on Petey’s cage was crooked. A pair of brown eyes peered out at her.

Mrs. Peters watched the Polaroid picture develop. Soon she saw Petey Peters, her pet parrot, pulling a purple pen out of the purple pen holder!

“Petey Peters have you been taking my pens?”demanded Mrs. Peters, pulling the pink and purple polka-dotted cover off of his cage.

Petey peered out at her.

“Petey’s pens.”

Mrs. Peters pulled up the papers from the bottom of Petey’s cage. Underneath the papers, she found all of her pink and purple pens! Mrs. Peters was pretty peeved with Petey. She purchased a new cage with a door that Petey could not open. Then Mrs.Peters took away all of Petey’s pens.

Except for one purple and pink striped pen.

Now, whenever Mrs. Polly Peters takes out her pink and purple pens to write poems for Petunia Press, Petey Peters pulls out his favorite pen so he can play too.