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Spooky Campfire Tales

Charlie was startled awake by a familiar sound. He sat bolt upright with an oath. It sounded just like Myrtle playing on the piano. But this was impossible, since she was buried behind the woodshed…

-“Playing Piano” from Spooky Campfire Tales
Spooky Campfire Tales Cover

Meet Charlie, a lighthouse keeper who is driven insane by his wife’s piano playing. Charlie is just one of 30 spooky characters found in this folklore collection by S.E. Schlosser. You will also encounter:

  • Raw Head and Bloody Bones, who tracks down his killer
  • The Spirit of Screaming Jenny, who burned alive on the railway tracks
  • The dramatic events leading to the Birth of the Jersey Devil
  • The ghosts of little children, who leave their handprints on a car
  • Plus 25 other ghosts and spooky creatures, including a skeleton who roams the graveyard at night and a werewolf who is seeking a bride!

Expert storytelling and evocative illustrations once again prove perfect for reading aloud or retelling later. Features stories for campers of all ages, from split-your-sides funny to “leave the light on” scary. Whether gathered around the campfire or read on a dark and stormy night, these tales will stay with you long after you close the book’s covers.


"Playing Piano" from Spooky Campfire Tales
“Playing Piano” from Spooky Campfire Tales

Part One: Ghost Stories
1. The Fifty-Cent Piece
2. Ghost Handprints
3. The White Lady
4. Playin’ Piano
5. The Specter in the Graveyard
6. The Lady in Red
7. Vengeance
8. The Lincoln Death Train
9. Never Mind Them Watermelons
10. Screaming Jenny
11. Piece by Piece
12. Dismal Swamp
13. The Music Lesson
14. Turnabout is Fairplay
15. Don’t Sell My House

Part Two – Powers of Darkness and Light

16. The Birth of the Jersey Devil
17. La Mala Hora
18. Bloody Bones
19. I Can’t Get In
20. The Werewolf’s Bride
21. Cow’s Head
22. Tom Dunn’s Dance
23. The Death Coach
24. The Hook
25. Shadow Train
26. The Black Cat’s Message
27. Tailypo
28. One Last Head
29. Dark Passenger
30. Bloody Mary