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Spooky Canada

“It comes,” Summer Moon intoned. “It comes with the storm! It comes!” Her words ended in a terrible shriek. The villagers drew back, wives shrinking behind their husbands; children huddling against their mothers’ skirts. Only the chief dared face the frenzied wise woman. “What comes, good mother?” he asked. She turned her glowing, silvery eyes upon him. “Wendigo,” she hissed, and the word seemed to echo unnaturally through the crisp autumn air. “Wendigo.” 

“WENDIGO” From Spooky Canada
Spooky Canada by S.E. Schlosser
Spooky Canada by S.E. Schlosser

Meet Summer Moon, a wise woman who predicts the coming of a terrible creature to prey upon her village. Summer Moon is just one of 30 spooky characters found in this folklore collection by S.E. Schlosser. You will also encounter:

  • Black Bartelmy, an evil pirate whose ghost still preys upon the living
  • Kate, a ghost who refuses to rest in peace while she remains buried next to her ex-husband
  • Jean-Claude Baptiste, who contracts with the Devil for the use of his flying canoe
  • La Corriveau, an evil creature who stalks the good people of Quebec City
  • Plus 25 other ghosts and spooky creatures.

From British Columbia to Newfoundland, the provinces have at least one thing in common: eerie things that go bump in the night and creaky haunted houses. These stories will keep you looking over your shoulder for days!


“Wendigo” from Spooky Canada

Part One: Ghost Stories
1. Black Bartelmy’s Ghost – Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
2. Ghost Train – Medicine Hat, Alberta
3. The Dungarvon Whooper – Dungarvon River, New Brunswick
4. Lost! – Dawson, Yukon
5. The Trapper’s Ghost – Churchill Falls, Labrador
6. Who Calls? – Qu’appelle River, Saskatchewan
7. Where’s My Liver? — Toronto, Ontario
8. Not Next To Him! – Manitoba
9. An Invitation to the Wedding – Dauphin, Manitoba
10. La Corriveau – Quebec City, Quebec
11. The Lady in White – Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick
12. The Pitchfork – Tracadie, Prince Edward Island
13. The Ghost in the Alley – St. John’s, Newfoundland
14. I’m Coming Down Now! – Calgary, Alberta
15. The Wallflower – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Part Two – Powers of Darkness and Light

16. The Flying Canoe  – Gatineau, Quebec
17. Maid of the Mist – Niagara Falls, Ontario
18. Attack of the Mammoth – Fort Ware, British Columbia
19. The Devil and the Loup Garou – Montreal, Quebec
20. The Tolling of the Bell – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
21. The Lady with the O’er-Kind Eyes – Perce, Quebec
22. Tammatuyuq – Hudson Bay, Nunavut
23. The Talking Head – Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario
24. The Dwarf’s House – Hudson Bay, Nunavut
25. The Lure – Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia
26. Forerunner – Marion Bridge, Nova Scotia
27. The Skeleton – Fort McLeod , Alberta
28. The Warning – Ottawa, Ontario
29. Corpse Candle – Whitewood, Saskatchewan
30. Wendigo – Yellowknife, Northwest Territories