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Spooky Michigan

Standing just inside the gate was a hooded form, blacker than the blackest shadow. Two white-blue eyes blazed out of the cowl that covered its head, and skeletal fingers gripped a large scythe. The air around the figure seemed to crackle with the energy of a thousand bolts of lightning, its robes whipped in an unseen wind, and its skeletal feet were half-buried in swirling gray clouds that stretched back and back into eternity. Millie gasped in horror and clutched Sam’s shoulder as the figure slowly raised an arm and pointed a skeletal finger at them…

“Sam Meets Death” from Spooky Michigan
Spooky Michigan by S.E. Schlosser
Spooky Michigan by S.E. Schlosser

Pull up a chair or gather round the campfire and get ready for twenty-five creepy tales of ghostly hauntings, eerie happenings, and other strange occurrences in Michigan. You’ll meet Millie, a young wife who faces down Death himself to save her husband plus a host of other spooky characters like:

  • Bill Quick, whose father’s ghost wants him to bring him One Last Head
  • A serial killer, who meets his victims after death
  • Jacques, who hitches a ride on the Devil’s coach.
  • an phantom bachelor who follows a widow home after seeing her at his funeral
  • the Red Dwarf of Detroit and many more.

Set in Michigan’s historic towns and sparsely populated backwoods, the stories in this entertaining and compelling collection will have you looking over your shoulder again and again.


“Sam Meets Death” from Spooky Michigan

Part One: Ghost Stories
1. The Wraith of the Creek – Alger
2. The Engineer’s Message – Ann Arbor
3. Followed Me Home – Midland
4. A Father’s Revenge – Detroit
5. The Green Lantern – St. Martin’s Island
6. The Ada Witch – Grand Rapids
7. The Talking Head – Sault Ste. Marie
8. The Staircase – Grand Haven
9. The Merchant – Marquette, Bay City
10. Ghost Train – Tahquamenon Falls State Park
11. The Phantom Trespasser – Saginaw
12. One Last Head – Monroe County

Part Two – Powers of Darkness and Light

13. Windigo – Isle Royal State Park
14. Paul Bunyan and the Witch – Cheboygan
15. The Werewolf – Detroit
16. The Wizard’s Rope – Port Huron
17. Doppelganger – Lansing
18. The Nain Rouge – Detroit
19. The Sea Gull – Traverse City
20. Nishishin Raises the Dead – Mackinac Island
21. The Dream – Deer Park
22. The Rescuer — Upper Peninsula
23. The Devil’s Coach – Grosse Pointe Woods
24. The Coffin of Snakes – L’Anse
25. Sam Meets Death – Kalamazoo