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Spooky Montana

About two weeks after I arrived in camp, I awoke in the middle of the night feeling a cold breeze piercing my sleeping bag.  I shuddered and then gasped as something huge and heavy suddenly fell on top of me and began to press me down into the mattress.  It covered my whole body.  I tried to breathe, but the darkness smothered my nose and mouth, and the weight made it impossible for me to expand my lungs…

“The Camp Bed” from Spooky Montana
Spooky Montana by S.E. Schlosser
Spooky Montana by S.E. Schlosser

Pull up a chair or gather round the campfire and get ready for twenty-seven creepy tales of ghostly hauntings, eerie happenings, and other strange occurrences in Montana. From the spirits of General Custer and the Native Americans who still roam the battlefield at the Little Bighorn, to the candle-carrying ghost that walks a hallway in Red Lodge every night at seven, the stories in this entertaining and compelling collection will have you looking over your shoulder again and again.

Montana folklore traditions are kept alive in these expert retellings by master storyteller S. E. Schlosser and through artist Paul Hoffman’s evocative illustrations. You’ll meet ghosts and monsters, hear things that go bump in the night, and feel an icy wind on the back of your neck on a warm summer evening. Whether read around the campfire on a dark and dreary night or from the backseat of the family van on the way to Grandma’s, this is a collection to treasure.


“The Camp Bed” from Spooky Montana by S.E. Schlosser

Part One:  Ghost Stories
1.      The Watcher – Whitefish
2.      The White Lady – East Glacier
3.      The Camp Bed – Swan Lake
4.      Bad Medicine – Marias Pass
5.      The Merc – Missoula
6.      The Return – Emigrant
7.      Quake Lake – Gallatin National Forest
8.      Calamity – Laurel
9.      The Candle – Red Butte
10.  Knock, knock – Bozeman
11.  I Want to Go Home – Great Falls
12.  The Battlefield – Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
13.  Pray — Helena

Part Two:  Powers of Darkness and Light
14.  Foul Spirit – Browning
15.  The Bleeding Sink – Helena
16.  The Flying Torso – Butte
17.  The Cowboy’s Sweetheart – Custer County
18.  The Party – Teton County
19.  Faster! – Virginia City
20.  Crop Circle – Wibaux County
21.  Rubberoo – Billings
22.  Grizzly  — Park County
23.  Monster – Flathead Lake
24.  Sacred Place – Pryor Mountains
25.  The Stone – Shelby
26.  Bloody Mary Returns – Bozeman
27.  Snow Bird – Glacier National Park