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Spooky Pennsylvania

I was awakened for by soft strains of music that seemed to come from everywhere at once. As I listened, the haunting melody faded away. And then I heard my wife screaming.

“Bloody Mary” from Spooky Pennsylvania
Spooky Pennsylvania 2nd Edition by S.E. Schlosser
Spooky Pennsylvania 2nd Edition by S.E. Schlosser

Pull up a chair or gather round the campfire and get ready for thirty creepy tales of ghostly hauntings, eerie happenings, and other strange occurrences in Pennsylvania. You’ll meet a blacksmith whose little girl is lured away by the witch known as Bloody Mary; as well as many other spooky characters like:

  • The ghost of Edgar Allan Poe as he strolls along the reservoir
  • George Washington’s phantom leading a charge at Gettysburg
  • A Powwow doctor who cures a hexed man in Reading
  • The ghost of an axe murder , who kills again in Erie
  • Plus more Pennsylvania ghost stories and spooky tales, including the ghost of Ben Franklin in Philadelphia, a vampire who stalks a tribesman in Bedford County, and the Goblin of Easton.

Set in the Keystone State’s big cites, rural communities, rugged mountains, and vast woodlands, the stories in this entertaining and compelling collection will have you looking over your shoulders again and again.


Spooky Pennsylvania by S.E. Schlosser

Part One: Ghost Stories

1. The Phantom Drummer – Valley Forge
2. George Washington Leads the Way – Gettysburg
3. The Artist and the Ghost – Millvale
4. Sweet Cecily’s Song – Williamsport
5. The Last Dance — Chester
6. Ghost in the Steel Mill – Pittsburgh
7. Death on the Spur – Old Logger’s Path, Tiadaghton State Forest, Lycoming County
8. Try the Gingerbread – Gettysburg
9. Ben and Me – Philadelphia
10. The Toy Room – Allentown
11. Old Coaly – Pennsylvania State University, State College
12. The Flood – Johnstown
13. The White Lady – Altoona
14. The Miner-Minstrel – Wilkes Barre
15. The Phantom Stagecoach – Strasburg
16. Ghost in the Stacks – State College
17. Sachs Covered Bridge – Gettysburg
18. Ghost Wells – Parker
19. Axe Murder Hollow – Erie

Part Two: Powers of Darkness and Light

20. Bloody Mary – Harrisburg
21. Room for One More – Philadelphia
22. Hexed! – Reading
23. The Goblin – Easton
24. Morning Star – Bedford County
25. Dark Cathlin — Reading
26. The Walking Statue – Lancaster City
27. Top Hat – Schuylkill Haven
28. Corpse Candles – Pottsville
29. The Storm Hag – Erie
30. The Jersey Devil Returns – Morrisville
31. Wild-fire – Bangor
32. The Dragon Tree — Lenhartsville
33. Bloody Mary’s Mirror – Lancaster
34. Nevermore – Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
35. A Spooky Divorce – Philadephia
36. The Murdered Miner – Pottsville
37. Ghost in the Garden – Connellsville
38. Fiery Eyes – Warrington Township